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Daily Backups

We provide daily backups for your WordPress website. All of our backups are kept for 30 days and offsite for added security.

Enhanced Security

We routinely run a series of tests to determine if your website has any security flaws. We also keep your site update for added security.

Better Performance

Our website maintenance provides cutting edge hosting and CDN's to significantly improve your sites performance and speed. 

Auto-Healing Technology

Each WordPress site on our platform will heal itself in the event of any service failure. As and example: If there are issues with the PHP, your site won't go down. It will fix itself.

Instant Scaling Technology

You shouldn’t be punished when your success means spikes in traffic! Now, scaling your site to millions of visitors happens instantly. There’s no need for downtime or a migration to more hardware!

Web Analytics 

We routinely monitor and evaluate your site's performance, traffic, and speed in order to determine possible flaws or issues that might hinder your online business. 

Fastly Cache

Our custom caching technology takes into account the most popular WordPress themes and plugins to make sure your pages are cached correctly-with no work from you!


If your site’s growing and every visit is mission-critical, our Cloud Platform offers the ability for full redundancy and high-availability.

Included CDN

All sites are connected to Fastly which is a content delivery network that speeds up page loads for your site's visitors.

Monthly Plans

We offer three monthly subscription packages. 


This plan is great for businesses with a small brochure site. It includes daily backups, enhanced security, and improved performance.


The business plan includes everything in the basic plan plus basic SEO enhancements  and basic web analytics.


The professional plan includes everything in the business plan plus the creation of SEO friendly content & improve analytics
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